About Calmed

Calmed began operating in 1949, with disposable plastic products for healthcare and other uses. Today the main focus is on accessories for radiography of the colon, such as colon bags, rectal nozzles and air pumps. The product range also includes enema set and compression bandage for total hip replacements, which reduces postoperative bleeding.

Calmed`s products are supplied to all the country councils in Sweden and to hospitals and pharmacies in the other Nordic countries. All the products are CE-marked, and the company`s operations are supervised by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Calmed develops its products and manufactures most of them in Gothenburg. A large part of the manufacturing is under the special supervision of certification bodies.
Calmed also has  branches in France, Calmed SAS and  in Norway, Calmed NUF.

The company achieves high reliability of delivery through a high level of flexibility in manufacturing and stock-keeping. Deliveries can generally be made the same day the order is received.

Calmed is an environmentally focused company and follows a stringent environmental policy. Recycling is a natural facet of Calmed`s business, and the company is therefore affiliated to the REPA registry in Sweden and the Grøn Punkt in Norway.