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A manufacturer and supplier of accessories and disposables for radiography of the colon including  CT-colonography, compression bandage for total hip replacements, enema sets and rectal nozzles.





CALMED CT 1800 FOR CT-COLONOGRAPHY CT Colonography has quickly emerged to be the method of choice for revealing colorectal cancer. The key to a succesful examination and diagnose is proper insufflation of the colon with carbon dioxide in order to facilitate high comfort for the examined patient.

The Calmed CT 1800 insufflator takes the advantage of a constant pressure technology practically eliminating the risk for penetration of the colon.

Additionally, the Calmed CT 1800 insufflator has been designed for continous operation during the whole cycle of the examination process to prevent any collapse of the colon. So it fulfils all applicable requirements for CT Colonography with carbon dioxide



Cadens Colon  - Complete Virutal Colonscopy

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Support cushions for CT colography

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Catheter for defecography examination, diameter 16 mm. The cartridge shall be filled with a contrast medium which then is injected by a caulking gun. Made of phalate-free PVC and HPDE.